5 Levels of 80/20 - Which One are You?

Perry Marshall asked if I had any ground-breaking 80/20 insights. I shared "The 5 Levels of 80/20." He was amazed.

80/20 can seem overwhelming when we hear Richard Koch ask a question like, "Is my industry growing by 10%, and am I the market leader?".

That's a great question Richard wrestles with on a daily basis, and it's appropriate because he's at Level 5.

You and I, though, are earlier in our journeys and may be best-served to focus on 80/20 questions like, "What 20% of my customers bring 80% of my revenue?".

That's what "The 5 Levels of 80/20" is all about: figuring out what level you're at, then picking the right tools for your Level.

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Tim :)