How to Psych Yourself Up Before Your Next Big Thing

Before every show, TV host Stephen Colbert has a ritual. And it's a little superstitious.

* He rings a little bell in his bathroom.
* As he walks toward the stage, he waits for one of his writers to tell him, "Squeeze out some sunshine."
* He does a two-handed shake with his production assistant.
* He gets one Altoid.
* He stands in place just offstage and slaps himself in the face twice.
* He gets one particular style of Bic pen (assistants scour office supply stores looking for them), chews on the cap and puts it back in the box.
* Finally, he makes eye contact with his band leader before walking on stage.

If it works for Colbert, might it work for you? Well...not the slapping yourself part, but definitely the psych up routine!

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