The Single Biggest Mistake Leaders Make

Once upon a time, a pair of adventurous researchers had participants undergo a unique experiment. They were told they had to train rats to quickly make it through a maze.

Half of the participants were told they had “maze-bright” rats that carefully were bred to be highly adept at completing mazes. The other half were told they had “maze-dull” rats that had no training in completing mazes.

The participants had five days to train the rats to complete the maze. After those five days, the “maze-bright” rats were able to complete their task TWICE as fast as the “maze-dull” rats.

But, of course, there was a catch.

There was absolutely no difference between the two groups of rats! Both sets of participants got randomly selected rats with no maze experience at all.

Yes, you read that right. The rats were exactly the same, but the participants who were TOLD they had faster rats somehow helped the rats actually perform better. This concept has been repeated over and over again. It’s called The Expectancy Effect.

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