Sadhguru at Anna University, Chennai - Youth and Truth [Full Talk]

Sadhguru was at Anna University, Chennai on Sep, 2018 and interacted with the students as part of the Youth and Truth movement. Watch the full talk.

4:20 - (Tamil) poratam
9:44 - Playing a game against a known opponent and an unknown opponent.
13:33 - What can be done to bridge the gap between parents and children ?
17:23 - Are intelligence and happiness correlated ?
19:45 - Expressing our happiness/sadness on social media to seek attention. Is it wrong ?
22:22 - What is that one hope for a person when he is fully shattered ?
27:52 - What do the present political leaders lack and how can we be better leaders in future ?
36:18 - How to make everyone responsible for our nation and for our own actions ?
38:45 - An individual who takes a different path than is what is accepted by society. Should society change or should the individual change ?
40:42 - How to react in situations where our beloved ones have betrayed us ?
42:06 - What if we want to correct our loved ones when they are going the wrong way ?
44:02 - (Tamil) Love at first sight.
49:05 - Is religion important ?
57:33 - Is time travel really possible ?
1:07:23 - What is the update on Rally for Rivers campaign ?
1:19:49 - Why do I find some aspects of my 15 years of education pointless ?
1:26:32 - (Tamil) Should we support Tamil movie stars starting political parties ?

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