SSI #1: How to Choose Topics for Your Videos Using Power BI

Test, test - is this mic on?

Seer Solves It is officially here with Episode #1: How To Choose Topics for Your Videos

Our Seer Solves It video team is a group of scrappy volunteers working through learning how to launch a video series. So what better way to kick off the series than with our "how to" on how we're going to be choosing our topics.

By defining our audience and then leveraging Power BI to look at multiple data sources, we're able to better understand how our audience searches and what content would help them the most. From there, we've developed a list of Seer Solves It topics. So make sure to push that subscribe button to be alerted when we drop videos around:

- How to integrate Google Analytics with Mailchimp
- How to use Google Analytics for Social Media
- How to pull data from Google Analytics API
- How to link Google My Business and Adwords
- How do YouTube tags work
- How to use Google My Business
- How to set up ecommerce tracking in Google Tag Manager
- How to use Google Tag Manager
- How to use Screaming Frog
- How to improve quality score in Google Adwords
- How to use Google Adwords keyword tool
- How to run an effective Google Adwords campaign
- How to analyze website traffic
- How to get my website to the top of search engines

Needless to say, we have a lot of "how to" digital marketing content coming your way! Please let us know in the comments if there's topics you'd like us to cover.

DISCLAIMER: At Seer, we have a "ship it" mentality - so if content is ready to go and can help our audience, we push it and learn how to make it better next time. This video is part of our process and while there's a bit of a noisy HVAC sound in the background, we felt that the voices were still crystal clear and the content was impactful to push that launch button! So we appreciate you checking it out and hopefully hitting that subscribe button so you can follow along in our journey!

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