Sadhguru at IIT Bombay – Youth and Truth [Full talk]

On Sep 20, Sadhguru was at IIT Bombay as part of the Youth and Truth movement. Watch the vibrant QnA session that followed as Sadhguru answered students’ questions on a wide range of topics

5:53 - When we are at crossroads, how to choose the best option ?
8:37 - How much should we care about other's opinions ?
18:12 - Should I go to Canada and send dollars to India or work at grassroots level in India ?
30:10 - Will the technological advancements ultimately cause mankind's doom ?
39:07 - Can inanimate objects(stones, rings, etc.) control/influence our lives ?
52:39 - Why are we studying/working so hard when illiterate politicians are ruling the country ?
1:03:20 - What is the big deal in using bad words when we just use them casually ?
1:10:50 - Is unconditional love truly possible ?
1:18:15 - Why do we knowingly procrastinate things ?
1:22:31 - When both parents work, kids sometimes feel insecure. What can we do to avoid this ?
1:25:01 - How we do we know whether we are overdoing masturbation ?
1:31:26 - I play guitar and also I have to study engg. How to focus on one thing without losing the other ?
1:43:56 - What is logic ? How to express myself ?
1:47:50 - All humans and animals should live happily. But none is happy. Why ?

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