Bo Jackson: A 2018 Conversation with the Greatest Athlete Ever

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In the 1980s, the world’s best athlete played.

Many people haven’t heard of him — his name is Bo Jackson.

Everyone today is obsessed with LeBron James, Tom Brady, Mike Trout, and other all-star athletes… but Bo has them ALL beat.

Bo is the ONLY player to be named an all-star in both the MLB and NFL.

Despite being so good, Bo only played professional sports for a few years...

After Bo was named a NFL all-star, he quit and left the limelight.

People who watched Bo Jackson highlights, saw the Bo Jackson wall run, or even watched the Bo Jackson 40 yard dash (the fastest 40 yard dash ever) know how special Bo was.

How could someone so good quit their sport after just four years?

In this video, I talk to Bo Jackson to hear his story. You’ll learn…

1) What Bo did AFTER he accomplished his dream of playing professional sports

2) How it feels to be the center of attention and have everyone paying attention to you

3) Where the famous “Bo Knows” Nike campaign came from


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