Seth’s Bike Hacks: Growing a 600k YouTube Channel

Three years ago, Seth from Seth's Bike Hacks was a web developer.

He didn't like his job at all.

What he REALLY wanted to do was create his OWN thing.

Instead of being told what to do by clients, he wanted to be his own boss.

To start experimenting on his own, Seth started filming himself mountain biking.

He put the videos on YouTube thinking, "this will be fun."

His family thought he was crazy — for the first year, Seth would put out two videos per week... and he made $0.

But Seth kept persisting.

And three years later, Seth now runs a YouTube channel as his full-time job. He's having way more fun than being a web developer!

In this video, you'll learn...

1) How Seth started and grew his YouTube channel from nothing
2) 4 steps Seth uses for creating an AMAZING video
3) The EXACT ways Seth makes money from his business today



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