Google Docs - How to Master in 6 Minutes

Google Docs is the best.

It's one of my favorite tools for collaboration.

Because of Google Docs, I've been able to work remote with team members all over the world, start a business, and get more done.

But most people only use a small part of the GDocs power.

In this video, I'm going to share my favorite Google Docs shortcuts, tips, and tricks.

You'll learn how to...

1) Save time using keyboard shortcuts
2) See "hidden" features (like edit history) you might be missing
3) Make life easier with neat tips and tricks

Here are the exact Google Docs tips and strategies I share in this video:

0:16 simple way to create new comments for team members
0:32 easily assign tasks to team members
0:57 faster hyperlinks — stop doing the slow way!
1:32 create epic to-do lists
2:02 automatic outlines
2:36 one-click method to follow where people are reading
3:08 faster navigation (zip around the doc)
3:46 a Google Docs tip from the Sumo VP of Sales
4:26 huge time-saver for menus
5:13 collaboration trick for working with team members
5:48 how to creep on people's changes (I LOVE THIS!)

Enjoy the video.


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