Social Skills: How Vanessa Van Edwards Turned Awkwardness into a 7-Figure Online Business

Vanessa Van Edwards went from former awkward person to running a 7-figure business.

For anyone who says...

"I can't create a business, I'm kinda awkward."

"I HATE talking to people. Can I just create a business without talking to people?"

"I could never grow a business."

Vanessa felt the SAME way.

After facing YEARS of being awkward, Vanessa decided to break down how to be good with people and charisma into a science.

At first, Vanessa started writing blog posts for $30. Today, she charges $25,000 for a presentation and runs a 7-figure company.

Especially interesting?

Vanessa was able to grow in a SUPER random market (the study of people and charisma) without spending money on advertising. If you have a weird idea, you can grow, too.

If you're looking to start a business, this video is for you. Or, if you're looking to grow your existing business, you'll love this video too.

In this video, you'll learn...

0:48 How Vanessa found her passion and business idea
2:12 Two major ways Vanessa makes money — copy these!
2:32 The #1 weirdest project Vanessa has done for a company
5:12 Strategies Vanessa grew using YouTube (and how you can too)
6:33 What DIDN’T work for Vanessa’s business
7:57 How to attract the right customers — and avoid the wrong Wongs
9:32 #1 piece of advice for people writing a blog post or book



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