Cryptocurrency and Ethereum: WTF Happens When You Spend $10,000?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin... ugh, enough!

EVERYONE is talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency these days. The tech community, Reddit, even your grandma at dinner.

Is cryptocurrency a bubble? Where should you invest? Is there ever going to be a Noahcoin?!

There are so many questions (and the news cycle changes every day).

Recently, I invested $10,000 in cryptocurrency to see for myself. The results were surprising — and I'm going to share them with you.

With so much talk about how Bitcoin and how crypto is going to be worth a bazillion dollars in the future, I wanted to step back and share how I really feel.

In this video, you'll hear my thoughts about cryptocurrency, how some of entrepreneur friends are handling cryptocurrencies, and my tips for aspiring investors.

There are some very specific rules I follow for investing in stocks, real estates, and aggressive ventures (like Bitcoin). Take a watch to learn them.


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