Starting a Business: How to Create a T-Shirt Apparel Business From Scratch

It's easy to make money (seriously).

A lot of people overcomplicate business.

They think they have to do 17 years of planning, get a bunch of certificates, and go through a billion hoops to get a business started.

It's actually MUCH simpler.

In this video, I talk to my friend Brandon about creating a t-shirt biz.

Back in 2014, Brandon created a fun weightlifting t-shirt, told a few friends who helped promote it... and made $12,000.

It was THAT easy. No years of planning, no certificates, no hoops.

Today, you'll learn how to get started with your business. No excuses!

You'll find out:

1) How Brandon came up with the idea for his t-shirt business
2) Why Brandon stopped his t-shirt business (be aware of these stumbling blocks for your own biz)
3) 5 ideas to hit your revenue goals



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