Building a SaaS Business: How Omar Zenhom Built WebinarNinja from Nothing

I loooooove SaaS businesses.

Recurring revenue? Money in your wallet automatically every month? Yes please.

In this video, I talk to Omar Zenhom — the cofounder of WebinarNinja — about how to build a SaaS company from the ground up.

My favorite part of all: Omar didn't go 100% in on his idea for the WebinarNinja SaaS product right away. He validated it for almost no cost, and made sure people actually wanted it before he launched.

If you're looking to start a SaaS business on the side, or grow your existing SaaS business, I think you'll enjoy this video.

You'll learn:

3:05 How to build a business while working a job

4:44 Biggest surprises launching a SaaS company

7:55 The Oakland Athletics theory: Why getting a “good deal” is overrated

11:53 What’s the easiest way to sell to your customers?

14:12 The importance of recapping (and how it can help you get more loyal fans of your brand)

17:02 2 things we’ve learned to do amazing Sumo webinars

21:02 How to best communicate with customers when something goes wrong — without losing all of them


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