CEO Interview: How JT McCormick Went from Broke and Homeless to CEO of an 8-Figure Business

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JT McCormick is the CEO and President of a multi-million dollar business.

But a lot of people are CEOs — that's not the most impressive part about JT.

What is most impressive about JT is how he went from being homeless and broke to CEO.


1) Grew up in a poor household, his father was a black pimp and his mom was a white orphan
2) Was sexually abused, had a brother murdered in a gang, and was homeless for part of his life
3) Never graduated high school

Despite these setbacks, JT climbed out of the hood and went from the lowest-paid employee at his past company to their President in a few years years.

Today, he's CEO and President of Book in a Box — the company Tucker Max co-founded.

Tucker even fired himself as CEO and put JT in the position because he was so impressed with JT. Damn! Way to go, JT.

In this video, you'll learn how JT made it out of gangs, homelessness, and poverty to make it where he is today.

He shares tips for people to become successful in their own lives — no matter the setbacks.


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