Social Skills: How to Have Epic Conversations with Anyone (Tips from a Charisma Expert)

Have more engaging conversations with these tips:

Imagine having more exciting conversations.

In your business, this could mean closing more deals, getting more customers, finding better teammates.

In your personal life, this could mean more friends (and more fun dates!).

Recently, I talked to Jordan Harbinger — the host of a top 50 iTunes podcast.

Jordan has interviewed 1,000+ famous entrepreneurs, authors, and celebrities. Some of his guests include...

1) Russell Brand
2) Neil deGrasse Tyson
3) Vanessa Van Edwards

And ton more.

In this video, Jordan shares his #1 tip for being better at asking questions.

Plus, learn how to be a better conversationalist, avoid awkward silences, and be less bored when talking with other people.


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