The Unlikely Origin Story of Google Analytics

What's it like to create a startup which gets acquired by Google?

We read about acquisitions on TechCrunch and Techmeme... but we're RARELY taken behind-the-scenes.

How does a company get Google's attention?

How does an acquisition get started?

What does Google say to companies during negotiations?

Meet Brett Crosby.

Brett founded Urchin Software — which was acquired by Google in 2005.

If you blinked, you might have missed the news. It barely made headlines, and when it did (like for the New York Times) it was only covered in a few short sentences.

In this video, learn...

1) Why Brett started Urchin Software (and what YOU can learn about starting companies)
2) Crazy stories from running a dotcom company during September 11th, 2001
3) Behind-the-scenes of a Google acquisition


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