Music Business Documentary: How a College Kid Worked with Kendrick Lamar (And More)

Read more about Sascha and creating a music business:

Sascha hangs out with some of the BIGGEST names in the music industry:

1) Kendrick Lamar
2) J. Cole
3) Chance the Rapper

And tons more.

The craziest part: He started helping these artists when he was a student in college.

Heck yeah, Sascha!

In today's video, Sascha shares how he went from college kid... to hanging out with rappers... to creating a successful music business.

Watch the video and learn:

0:25 Sascha's biggest business lesson in college
1:21 The first rapper Sascha met — and how that turned into more
2:31 How music festivals make money
3:27 Why being a promoter is a huge money-making opportunity
3:47 The exact type of businesses I recommend


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