Is gluten sensitivity a myth? The psychology of belief...

So, today I want to talk about the psychology of belief. Specifically as it relates to "gluten sensitivity."



Now, I know. I'm no food expert. But I do talk about the psychology of persuasion as it relates to business. And the whole gluten sensitivity thing going around right now is an interesting case study...

Specifically, I draw you back to what happened in the 1800s with hand washing. And then explain why I think it's the same today as it relates to Gluten Sensitivity.

Again. I'm not suggesting people who believe in gluten sensitivity are crazy. I'm suggesting that whether or not its true... is irrelevant. It's here to stay.

I'm sure people will get upset. And this comment, buried down here int he description is for you. Stop being so offended. Actually listen to the words I'm saying in the video please :-).