Why I Sent $50 To A Stranger (Direct Mail & Influencer Marketing Tactic)

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So, I recently sent $50 by mail to a stranger. Why? I borrowed a direct marketing tactic from Gary Halbert (or maybe it was Dan Kennedy). Are you familiar with it?

More important, have you ever done it or thought about doing something like this?

These direct mail strategies might seem dated, but they are important. Especially now. As people tune out email, social media, and modern media, direct mail continues to be a great way to differentiate yourself from your digital competition.

Attention = Everything.

This same strategy can also be used to help you grow a business channel using influencer marketing. Influencers are overrun with requests... and if you can get their attention, you'll win.

And if you can get it as cheap as $50. It's a big win. Have you ever thought about using direct mail or direct marketing? Leave a comment.