The Machines Are Coming -- Tim Wilson

Part 3 of 4 from Seer's September 2017 Actionable Analytics: Strategy Through Data Viz Event

Tim Wilson, Senior Partner, Analytics Demystified

The data available to marketers -- literally at their fingertips by way of a few mouse clicks -- has exploded over the last decade. Yet, while there is more data -- and it is more accessible -- the way we think about and use data has hardly evolved at all.

With the recent advances in cloud computing and processing power, the industry is abuzz with talk of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

How, then, will we get from the world of Microsoft Excel (or Tableau) to a world where "the machines" are automatically and dynamically optimizing all aspects of our marketing?

In this presentation, Tim will make the case that simply "waiting for the magical black box to arrive" is a risky strategy and that, rather, marketers and analysts should dive into (the shallow end of) the data mining and statistical analysis pool to not only get greater value from their data now, but to set themselves up for the machine-driving marketing of future.