How to Introduce Yourself to Anyone With 3 "Magic Words"

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So, you want to start a conversation with someone. How do you do it? Use these 3 magic words and they'll be instantly engaged.

Want to meet new people? Want to make a connection at a business conference? Want to say hi to someone in the park?

These 3 words help you open a conversation... every single time.

More specifically, here's what I cover:

I'll walk you through how you can walk up to anyone, start a conversation, and keep that conversation going.

Just by how you introduce yourself. Now I know this might seem weird. Because this isn't pick up advice or dating advice.

This is just networking advice. This is for someone who's going to a networking event. Who's going to a conference. Someone who is going to be in a position to meet someone they don't know and want to strike up a conversation with that person.