Good News! Social Triggers TV is BACK!

Now that I got done sharing some of the series of 7 tips from successful entrepreneurs...

...I have good news.


Those were older videos. But I've got new videos. With a new style. And I plan on running them very soon.

Please like this video. Please comment as well. I have a lot new stuff coming out very soon... and you're going to dig the new style.

You may know that I took a hiatus from creating videos. I wrote about why right here:

(Or at least part of the reason).

However, we're back. And we're going to be doing things a little bit differently.

Instead of just normal "studio" videos which get old and boring...'ll get some more on location stuff. You'll get speech clips. You'll get "behind the scenes" content. A bunch of stuff.

This is the trailer of what to expect ;-)