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Power of 360 Delegation

Entrepreneur and Great Assistant Client Matt Solomon shares how 360 Delegation has made a huge impact in his business. Matt is co-Owner of the...

The Board Report

A great board report is a powerful tool to help us crystallize our own thinking. Writing down what has happened over the course of 90 days can...

The Power Of A Board

As an Entrepreneur, it can often be tough noticing your own blind-spots around your business. In this video, I go over some of the key features...

Replacing Yourself Every 6 Months

"What would need to be true for you to replace yourself every 6 months?" That’s a question a mentor asked me a few years ago that rocked me to the...

Cash Is Reality

Often times Entrepreneurs get excited about vanity metrics like click-through rates, website visits and sales. When in reality, what your...

3 Unique Variables To Help Your Business Level Up

As Entrepreneurs we are constantly looking for ways to level up our business. There are thousands of different ideas and strategies, how do we...

What Type of Tasks Should You Delegate to an Assistant?

What you delegate is important, but so is the order in which you delegate those tasks. In this video, I’ll be covering the criteria you should...

How Does Opportunity Cost Affect You?

Every single day we get to choose where we invest our time, energy and money. But if you’re like most Entrepreneurs (myself included), then you’ll...

Get a Great Assistant - Live Webinar

Presentation from Jun 7 2018. http://www.GreatAssistant.com/Apply

Are You in a Cash Crunch?

Support@ProfitFactory.com http://www.ProfitFactory.com

How to Release Trust and Control to Your Assistant

One of the biggest concerns Entrepreneurs have when it comes to getting an Assistant is releasing trust and control. In this video, I’ll walk you...

How to On-board a New Team Member

A really important factor when you get a new team member is the on-boarding process. This step is often overlooked when an Entrepreneur brings on a...

GOLDMINE for Getting Your Time Back

This is one lesson within a larger training called, "Roadmap to Replace Yourself." To see the whole training, go to https://youtu.be/JtKbpoyf9Wo...

Effective Delegation

This simple tool has saved me time and money by getting it right the first time. It does require you, the leader, to take a step back and think...

Secrets of Delegation

360 Delegation: http://www.ProfitFactory.com/360delegation One of the best tools ever created for simple, easy, complete delegation. No more...

Just Show Up


The Right Time to Get an Assistant

In this video, I share an exercise to help you determine when is the right time to get an Assistant.

How to Overcome Procrastination [Vlog]

How to stop procrastinating. http://www.ProfitFactory.com Resources Mentioned: http://www.AsianEfficiency.com "The Power of Habit" by Charles...

Vlog - Forbes video shoot, Sandler sales training

Jan 15, 2018 - Tim Francis in Austin, TX.

Beauty is PAIN (Vlog)


How I Started Trusting My Assistant (and released control to her)

The 7 steps I followed to gain trust (and release control) to my Assistant Sarah. Because of this trust, I have now delegated so much of my...

Success Story - How Steve Exploded Sales by 150% in One Year


Your Stairway to Heaven


How Steve Exploded Sales by 150%


Where Are Your Blind Spots?