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How to Overcome Procrastination [Vlog]

How to stop procrastinating. http://www.ProfitFactory.com Resources Mentioned: http://www.AsianEfficiency.com "The Power of Habit" by Charles...

Vlog - Forbes video shoot, Sandler sales training

Jan 15, 2018 - Tim Francis in Austin, TX.

Beauty is PAIN (Vlog)


How I Started Trusting My Assistant (and released control to her)

The 7 steps I followed to gain trust (and release control) to my Assistant Sarah. Because of this trust, I have now delegated so much of my...

Success Story - How Steve Exploded Sales by 150% in One Year


Your Stairway to Heaven


How Steve Exploded Sales by 150%


Where Are Your Blind Spots?


That's Inappropriate! (Lessons from Surgery)


Finding Shortcuts in Your Business


Reaching "Cruising Altitude" in Business


Getting True Freedom in Business


The ONE THING You Need to Do (What a Joke!)

http://www.The8020Summit.com Drives me crazy when I hear an expert / author / guru say, "The one thing you need to do to change everything is.......

More Sales is *Not* the Answer


80/20 Shortcut - Distance vs Displacement

http://www.The8020Summit.com - If you often feel like you're pouring tons of time, energy, money, into your business and feeling frustrated by your...

5 Step Thinking Process

http://www.ProfitFactory.com Support@ProfitFactory.com

Great Assistant Main

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Nearly Sold Out - "The 80/20 Summit"

http://www.The8020Summit.com - Only 7 tickets remaining for "The 80/20 Summit" featuring Perry Marshall and Tim Francis. Event happening Oct 5 -...

The 80/20 Summit - Tickets Now On Sale

Tickets available at: http://www.The8020summit.com The 80/20 Summit is the world's #1 80/20 event for Entrepreneurs. Held at the spectacular...

5 Levels of 80/20 - Which One are You?

Perry Marshall asked if I had any ground-breaking 80/20 insights. I shared "The 5 Levels of 80/20." He was amazed. 80/20 can seem overwhelming...

*THIS* is Your Next Task to Delegate

What exactly should you delegate next in your business? Again and again I've heard Entrepreneurs ask for help in seeing 80/20 opportunities in...

80/20 Rule: Free Yourself from Bottom 80%

You probably love the 80/20 Rule, and LOVE the idea of getting out of the bottom-80% of your work so you can focus on the big ideas. Sometimes...

My First-Ever Supercar Experience

After a business meeting, Dan let me take his Audi R8 V10 for a rip. It had absolutely ferocious acceleration. My heart was in my throat....

MYTH *BUSTED* - Hiring A+ Talent No So Important

A Stanford study killed the sacred cow "you gotta hire rockstars." Over 15 years, professors James Baron and Michael Hannan studied 200 startup...

Hidden Stacks o' Cash in Your Business

I helped a client find $472,000 of profit in just 90 days. Not just sales, but bottom-line *profit*, money they got to *keep* in their business....

Shortcut to Scaling Up!

Scaling up is heavily dependent on... decisions. Do your people make the right decisions when you aren't looking? Can you trust them to think and...