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7 Quick Body Language Fixes

Look more confident and approachable with these 7 body language fixes! More at ScienceofPeople.com

8 Steps for Approaching Someone New

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5 Myths About Body Language

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How to Avoid Embarrassing Yourself in Awkward Social Situations

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The 12 Different Kinds of Awkward Laughs

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Trainer Pre-Call: FAQ

Hello again! In this video Danielle and I will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions Remember to check out the Science of People...

Trainer Welcome

Hello and Welcome! After watching this video please make sure you're signed up to get all body language trainer info at:...

How to Make Friends as Adults

Do you find it harder to make friends as an adult than when you were a kid? Well, you are not alone! Watch this video to learn the 5 stages of how...

How to Stop People Pleasing

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How to Talk to Strangers

I want to teach you how to start a conversation with anyone! More at ScienceofPeople.com

How to Bond

Want to go from acquaintances to friends? Watch this video to learn how to bond with anyone. More at ScienceofPeople.com

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